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Saturday, 14 June 2014

happy father's day

Happy father's day ! Youre one of the greatest father in this world oh why ? Because you showed me even youre not perfect but you always try your best to be a great and good dad for me .You have supported me even when I was down ,you smiled at me even when I gave you a frown .you hugged me even when I tried to push you away oh yea thanks cause you always back up me when mama said noooo hehehe and always dried my tears by doing jokes although sometimes your jokes is too cheesy .i really love you my endlessly dad .thanks cause loving me with all your heart xoxo last shout selamat hari bapa ! Wish you panjang umur murah rezeki amin .

this is our favourite song i mean yea everytime we went for karaoke you'll choose this song and we will sing it together .nahh i dedicate it for you ,dad .i hope you will always healthy and love me .

thanks cause be my father ,my idol and my inspiration .

no matter what happen i will always love you ,dad .