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Friday, 13 June 2014

jeng jeng jeng ! father's day is coming ohhh big omg ! so yea like usual i will be the planner set up every single things .i will make it a beautiful memorable father's day for you .since im in mum's tummy you already do something than i cant repay your kindness .you doa for me and mum at masjid yes im only 7 months that time so it's really hard time for mum .it's hard for doctors too because of this prematured baby so yea when you went back from masjid .hi im enter this world and be your second daughter .thanks Allah cause give me chance to stay alive until now and thanks to dad cause doa for me .dad ,you've been one of the greatest person in this world .since the day that i was born you were there to support mama .Thank You Dad ,for all the times that you were there ,for your support all we going through together .For all the times you backed me up when mama said no ,you had my back .For everytime you dried my tears by doing all jokes or like what you always said 'pickup line sikit' .For teachingme about life that at times it may be tough .i was so fortunate and proud to call you my dad and grateful to Allah that i was a part of you .I love you with all my heart .i salute you for your big patience .no one is perfect so are you dad but you showed me that even youre not perfect but you can be the best dad ever !

from your little girl